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Dear Friends,

As Americans, we believe in freedom of speech. That no one should control what people hear, say or see. Those are our values.

In February Comcast announced it was going to buy Time Warner Cable. Think about that for a minute: Two of the biggest cable monopolies with the worst customer service records will merge and dictate what 30% of America can see on cable TV.  This means less choice, less competition and higher cable bills.

I believe that businesses should operate free of government intervention, but these companies are government sanctioned monopolies with the power to silence independent, competitive voices like TheBlaze if it furthers their business interests. The merger can only be approved if the FCC determines it's in the public interest — your interest.

So what can you do?  Let's stand together and preserve our principles!

Let the FCC know that serving the public interest means more choice, more competition and lower cable bills.

Let your voice be heard.  TAKE ACTION!

Thank you for your support!  Together we are making a difference!

We filed over 56,000 comments with the FCC letting it know why YOU don't think the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger is in the public interest.

Thank you for your tremendous support!!

If you haven't filled out the form, it's not too late.  We will amend our FCC filing in the coming weeks to add yours.

Fill out the form below and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thank You!

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